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We, Uniforms for all “Rajess Readymades”, proudly introduce ourselves as the incomparable manufacturers of all types of uniforms. We cater to the various uniform needs of schools, colleges, hospitals, factory, corporate, departmental stores, hotels and lodges, clubs, security agencies, taxi drivers and other special needs like cultural and sports meet dresses, festival uniform wears etc. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers in and around Krishnagiri District. We offer impeccable quality and service to our clients. With a heritage of 102 years in the textile business we are committed to customer satisfaction.

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Offering exceptional customer service, innovative styles, and products that are unmatched in comfort and durability, Uniforms Unlimited has developed unparalleled standards in the art of designing durable and elegant uniforms

Please feel free to browse our School Uniform section to view the various clothing styles available from Rajess Readymades, or contact Uniforms for all Sales Representative to learn more about our products and services.

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